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     Guangzhou LAV Audio Equipment Manufacturer , areliable professional audio expert, we provide our customers with user-friendly audio equipment that combines unmatched reliability with advanced performance features.

     Our diverse product mix includes PA System, Recharging Speakers, Wired & Wireless Microphone, and TV Sound Bar with associated accessories sold under our brand.

     We are one different from most, we care for customers all the time, here are what you will get from us:

1,PROMISE: We do what we promise on price , quality ,delivery time and after service
2,HONESTY: You will get whatever been told,you get real report on what is going on with your order
3,EFFICIENCY: We have deeper understanding on all the possible situation and action fast and accurate
4,FLEXIBLE: You can get all you need at lower MOQ with OEM/ODM from us at the same quality guaranteed, multiple payment.
5,DIFFERENTIATION: This is the key to get rid of competition, we are always working on innovation for extra added value to increase competitive power.

     Drawing on the strength of this organization and our passion for detail, Guangzhou LAV is committed to providing its customers with the quality products that represents the best value for our customers audio investment.

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Contact: Vicky Chan

Phone: 15889916690

Tel: 020-22105677

Email: cnlav@hotmail.com

Add: Jiaoxin Industrial Park Shijing Town,Baiyun District,Guangzhou,City,Guangdong Province,China.

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