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Video Speaker

  • 21 inch touch screen K-15W
21 inch touch screen K-15W

21 inch touch screen K-15W

  • 21 inch touch screen
  • Wi-Fi function
  • 2 wireless microphone
  • Product description: 21 inch touch screen Wi-Fi portable KTV speaker, Vedio trolley speaker
1.Wi-Fi, 21 inch Touch Screen, Bluetooth, USB/SD/MMC socket, FM/AM radio, wire mic / guitar input, external battery jack.
2.With two wireless microphones.
3.Built-in one DC 12V/17AH rechargeable battery.
4.Peak power:800W.
5. Speakers : 15" woofer × 1,  tweeter horn × 1
6.Size: 49.7*29.7*96CM
7.Standard configuration: one mainframe, two hand-held Mic, one remote control, one power cable, one user manual.


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